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Global Ethics, GSU MWF-YALI, 2015

The Georgia State University Mandela Washington Fellows of President Obama’s, Young African Leadership Initiative, got together in the summer of 2015 to develop this set of aspirational goals. After a visit from United Nations representatives, the fellows and their colleagues at GSU were inspired to explore what priorities they would arrive at, as a group. These goals are dynamic, arrived upon by negotiating competing priorities and diverse value bases but we were able to reach consensus. This is however, a living document and we hope to adapt this as the global context evolves.

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Equality and Equity of Access and Opportunity , regardless of gender, age, physical or mental ability, race, class, caste, socio economic status, origin, religion and sexual orientation. Even in the absence of consensus, all human beings must have the right to a safe and dignified life.

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Health and wellbeing – A global holistic approach to healthcare provision, awareness, funding, practice and research, which keeps in mind affordability, professional ethics, universal access and empathy.

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Immigration and geographical lines – Integration across regional boundaries to enable free, legal, respectful, humane and efficient movement of people, goods and services

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Belief Systems – The individual’s freedom to choose and practice beliefs in a tolerant, respectful and considerate manner but not to impose on others.

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Economics and finance – Robust and resilient financial and economic systems, free of corruption, answerable to balanced, regulatory and legal frameworks with a focus on inclusive growth and reducing disparities.

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Security and Violence – An end to any form of violence and persecution, be it based on, gender, orientation, religion, race, ethnicity, origin, political affiliation, territory and the unjust exploitation and abuse of vulnerable people

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Environmental Resources – Preservation of the planet for current and future generations, whose inhabitants not only preserve and respect its natural resources, but also persistently innovate to find collective, sustainable solutions.

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Education – Universal access to quality education and training, at all levels, in safe and well managed institutions.

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Law and Ethics – A system that fosters individual and institutional integrity, transparency and civic engagement, in turn, held accountable to a fair and autonomous judicial system

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Politics – Accountable and Transparent leaders who serve their office and their nation, believe in participatory governance, based on free and fair elections, meritocracy and the rule of law