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Our Approach

“To expand knowledge, instill optimal practice and build capacity in the public sector around the world to improve human well-being through better public policy.”

Learning Cycle

We continually learn from our work. We begin with information gathering and problem identification, on the basis of which we generate interconnected academic output and policy frameworks. These frameworks are then implemented via various mechanisms including, but not limited to, the delivery of technical assistance and training. We continually strive to remain in close collaboration with our counterparts from development to implementation and evaluation. In fact in some cases, our counterparts become the co-authors and consultants on future projects. It is important for us to learn from each project, develop best practices, and generate new or refine old models as well as publications.

Our policy proposals are based on a thorough assessment of the institutional context for reforms in a specific country. This approach allows us to develop "personalized recommendations" that are viable, feasible and fit for the specific context.
Unlike many of the other actors in international development, we not only identify gaps in the knowledge base but we also fill these gaps with cutting edge academic research.
We do not prescribe policy. We endeavor to make distinct contributions to the policy debate by facilitating consensus building among the stakeholders and informing the policy debate with technical knowledge.
We recruit the best experts in the field, individuals with superior qualifications and scholarship that have undergone and are continuously held to a rigorous review process in order to attain and maintain tenure in a highly competitive environment.