Welcome to the Summer School in Public Economics (SSPE) Video Page. SSPE is an annual program held at the International Center for Public Policy and sponsored by the “Fundación Rafael del Pino”, Spain and the “Instituto de Estudios Fiscales”, Spain. The video collection includes lectures on a wide variety of topics in the field of Public Economics. These lectures are taught by world renowned experts in their respective fields who provide detailed, informative and interactive presentations, which have all been recorded and put on our website for public viewing.

By Year  By Topic 


Topic Year Title Name
2007 Performance Budgeting and Other Innovations in the Theory and Practice of Budgeting Allen Schick
2008 New Trends in Fiscal Management & Budgeting Don Kettl
2009 Research In Public Management Issues Fred Thompson
2013 Research on Cutback Management Kenneth Klase
2006 Corruption in the Public Sector: Issues and Challenges Jorge Martinez-Vazquez
Cultural Economics
2008 Research in Cultural Economics Bruce Seaman
2013 Culture and Economics Raquel Fernandez
Economics of Terrorism
2010 Public Economics and the Study of Terrorism Todd Sandler
Education Policy
2005 Education Policy Research: Issues and Challenges Eric Hanushek
2006 Research in Education: Issues and Challenges John Bishop
2007 Research in the Economics of Education Charles Clotfelter
2012 Economics of Education Tim Sass
Environmental Economics
2005 Environmental Policy: Issues and Challenges Wallace Oates
2010 Research in Environmental Economics: Issues and Challenges W. Michael Hanemann
Experimental Economics
2008 Research in Environmental Economics and Public Policy Ron Cummings
Fiscal Decentralization
2005 Research in Fiscal Decentralization: Issues and Challenges Jorge Martinez-Vazquez
2008 Research in Fiscal Federalism Issues David Wildasin
2009 Research In Fiscal Decentralization Policy: Issues and Challenges Roy Bahl
2010 Research in Fiscal Federalism Richard Bird
2012 Federalism, Fiscal Decentralization and the Hard Budget Constraint Jonathan Rodden
2016 The Impact of Fiscal Decentralization Jorge Martinez-Vazquez
2016 States Fiscal Policy Robert Inman
2016 Political Institutions and Fiscal Federalism Charles Hankla
Fiscal Policy
2010 Modeling Fiscal and Monetary Policy with a Perspective of the Spanish Current Crisis Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde
2011 The Size of the Fiscal Multiplier and Infrastructure Investment Jenny Ligthart
2011 Research in Dynamic Equilibrium Macroeconomic Models Juan Rubio-Ramirez
2011 Fiscal Discipline and Public Debt Management: An International Perspective Teresa Ter-Minassian
2012 Marginal Cost of Public Funds Bev Dahlby
2016 Research in Public Economics at the IMF Sanjeev Gupta
Gender Issues
2008 Research in Gender Issues Janet Currie
Health Policy
2005 Health Policy Research: Issues and Challenges Randall P. Ellis
2007 Research in Health Policy Issues Barbara Wolfe
2010 Research in Health Economics: Issues and Challenges Jonathan Gruber
2013 Health Reform Katherine Baicker
Housing Policies
2011 Fiscal Policies for the Housing Market Miguel-Angel Lopez Garcia
2012 Assessing Housing Markets Christopher Mayer
Income Distribution, Poverty, and Inequality
2009 Wage Differentials and Inequality Barry Hircsh
2011 Economic History of the Welfare State Peter Lindert
2005 Issues on Distribution, Poverty, and Inequality Perter Lambert
2006 Research on the Economics of Poverty: Issues and Challenges Timothy Smeeding
2007 Research on Trends in Poverty and Inequality Sheldon Danziger
2009 Research In Welfare Reform Jeffrey Grogger
2010 Research in Income Inequality: Trends and Measurement Issues Richard Burkhauser
2010 Research in Poverty and Development Martin Ravallion
2011 Research in Earnings Inequality Richard Freeman
2011 Research on Equality of Opportunity John Roemer
2012 Research on Wealth Distribution Edward Wolff
2013 Poverty Dynamics Ann Stevens
The Economics of Safety Nets
Marianne Bitler
Inequality and Macroeconomics
José Victor Rios-Rull
Innovation and Science
2010 The Economics of Science Paula Stephan
Intergenerational Equity
2007 Research in Intergenerational Issues in Public Finance Laurence Kotlikoff
Migration and Population
2007 Research on Migration Issues George Borjas
Nonprofit Organizations
2007 Research in Non-profit: Issues and Challenges Dennis Young
Participant Presentations
2006 Workshop I (2006) Participants
2006 Workshop II (2006) Participants
2008 Workshop I (2008) Participants
2008 Workshop II (2008) Participants
2009 Workshop I (2009) Participants
2009 Workshop II (2009) Participants
2010 Workshop I (2010) Participants
2010 Workshop II (2010) Participant
2011 Workshop I (2011) Participants
2011 Workshop II (2011) Participants
2012 Workshop I (2012) Participants
2012 Workshop II (2012) Participants
2013 Workshop I (2013) Participants
2013 Workshop II (2013) Participants
2007 Workshop I (2007) Participants
2016 Workshop I (2016) Participants
2016 Workshop II (2016) Participants
Policy Evaluation
2007 Evaluation of Public Policies Vinod Thomas
2016 Policy Evaluation in Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities Musharraf Cyan and Mark Rider
Political Economy
2005 Research in Political Economy and Public Finance: Issues and Challenges Stan Winer
2009 Political Economy Of Fiscal Federalism: Moving Beyond the Median Voter Model Robert Inman
Subjective Well-Being: New Data and New Findings
Justin Wolfers
Political Economy of Public Debt
Marco Battaglini
Program Evaluation
2008 Evaluating Public Policies: The Case of Work-Based Safety Net Work Karl Scholz
2009 New Developments In Program Evaluation and Other Areas of Microeconometrics Guido Imbens
2011 Methodological Approaches to Measuring Efficiency in the Public Sector William Greene
2013 The Design and Impact of Economic and Social Programs Carolyn Heinrich
Randomized Evaluation of Health Care Programs
 Amy Finkelstein
Public Expenditures
2006 Productivity and Efficiency of Public Expenditures: Issues and Challenges Kathy Hayes
Public Finance
2006 Theoretical Research in Public Finance: Issues and Challenges Robin Boadway
2007 Research in Public Economic Theory John Conley
2009 Research In Global Public Goods: Issues And Challenges Spencer Banzhaf and Paul Ferraro
2012 Social Choice J.A. Weymark
Research Development
2008 Research in Regional Development & Economic Convergence Andres Rodriguez-Pose
Research Methods
2005 Experimental Research in Public Finance: Issues and Challenges James Andreoni
2006 Doing Research and Publishing in Public Finance James Alm and Mike Mikee
2006 Using Lab Experiments in Public Finance Research Jim Cox
2007 General Equilibrium Modeling in Public Finance and Environmental Economics Don Fullerton
2008 Quantitative Techniques in Public Economics Brian Erard
2008 Modeling Creative Development with an Application to Research in Tax Compliance Jonathan Feinstein
2010 Research Using Laboratory & Field Experiments Glenn Harrison
2011 Advances in Revelation Mechanism Design John Ledyard
2011 Research in Virtual Experiments for Contingent Valuation Elisabet Rutsrom
2012 The Sufficient Statistic Approach to Welfare Analysis Raj Chetty
2012 Synthetic Controls for Policy Evaluation Alberto Abadie
2012 Game Theory and Applications to Public Economics Roberto Serrano
2013 General Equilibrium Modeling in Public Economics Andrew Feltenstein
2013 Research in Economics at the World Bank Luis Serven
2013 Design and Use of Large Scale Field Experiments Michael Price
Risky Behavior
2012 The Economics of Risky Behavior Erdal Tekin
Social Security and Pensions
2007 Research in Income Security Issues Robert Haveman
2006 Research on Pensions and Social Security: Issues and Challenges Andrew Samwick
2013 Research in Social Security and Pensions Jeffrey Brown
Tax Administration and Evasion
2005 Research in Tax Administration Issues Joel Slemrod
2005 Research in Tax Evasion: Issues and Challenges Mike McKee
2010 Research in Tax Compliance and Tax Evasion James Alm
Tax Policy
2005 Tax Incidence, Developments in Cost-Benefit Analysis, and the Past, Present, and Future of Welfare Transfers Arnold Harberger
2005 The Future for the Corporate Income Tax: Issues and Challenges Jack Mintz
2005 Reforming Personal Income Taxation: Issues and Challenges George Zodrow
2005 Research in International Fiscal Competition: Issues and Challenges Peter Orszag
2006 Research in International Taxation: Issues and Challenges James Hines
2006 Tax Policy and the Behavior of Households and Firms Jim Poterba
2007 Research in Tax Policy: Issues and Challenges Louis Kaplow
2008 Research in Capital Taxation Issues Alan Auerbach
2009 Research on Corporate Taxation: Issues and Challenges Roger Gordon
2009 Research In Taxation and Labor Supply Issues Hilary Hoynes
2009 Fundamental Tax Reform Harvey Rosen
2011 Current Research and Policy Issues in Public Economics at the IMF Part I Michael Keen
2011 Current Research and Policy Issues in Public Economics at the IMF Part II Michael Keen
2013 Tax Policy and Income and Wealth Inequality Wojciech Kopczuk
2013 The Economics of Green Tax Reform Gilbert Metcalf
The Economics of Capital Taxation
Florian Scheuer
Urban Economics
2008 Research in Urban Economics & Local Finance David Sjoquist
2009 Research In Urban Economics: Challenges and Issues Geoffrey Turnbull
2010 Research in Housing and Urban Economics Edward Glaeser
2012 Research in Urban Economics Jan Brueckner