Recent and Forthcoming Books


 coercion Coercion & Social Welfare in Contemporary Public Finance
(Cambridge University Press)
 WP_20160627_12_51_26_Pro Decentralization and Infrastructure
(Routledge Press)
 taxation and development Taxation and Development: The Weakest Link?
(Edward Elgar Press)
 pakbook The Role of Taxation in Pakistan’s Revival
(Oxford University Press-Pakistan)Jorge Martinez-Vazquez & Musharraf CyanForthcoming

Fiscal Decentralization in Ukraine: Accomplishments and Challenges in the Transition Nova Science Publishers, 2011)

Jorge Martinez-Vazquez and Wayne Thirsk


The Elgar Guide to Tax Systems(Edward Elgar 2011)

Edited by Emilio Albi and Jorge Martinez-Vazquez

 challenging Challenging the Conventional Wisdom on the Property Tax
decentdevelop Fiscal Decentralization in Developing Countries: Global Perspectives on the Obstacles to Political and Economic Devolution
State and Local Tax Policy:  Out of the Box?
Understanding Sub-National Government Proliferation in Indonesia
Reforming Regional Tax Assignments in Spain
Decentralization Policies in Asian Countries
 ptaxwork Making the Property Tax Work: Experiences in Developing and Transitional Countries
 taxcompliance Developing Alternative Frameworks for Exploring Tax Compliance
 taxrussia Tax Reform in Russia
 publicpolicy Public Policy for Regional Development
The Structure of PRI Finances in West Bengal
 corruption Fighting Corruption in the Public Sector
 reforminspain Fiscal Reform in Spain
Jamaica’s Tax Reform
 Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 16.04.11

Tax Reform and Economic Development: The Jamaican Case(The Planning Institute of Jamaica, 2006)

Roy Bahl and Sally Wallace

 localgovt Local Government Finance Reform in Developing Countries

Reforming Regional-Local Fiscal Relations in Russia(The World Bank, 2006)

Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, Andrey Timofeev, and Jameson Boex

 fiscalequalization The Challenges in the Design of Fiscal Equalization and Intergovernmental Transfers
 globaltaxrefom The Challenges of Tax Reform in the Global Economy

Taxing the Hard-to-Tax: Lessons from Theory and Practice(Emerald, 2007)

James Alm, Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, and Sally Wallace

 indonesiabook Reforming Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations and the Rebuilding of Indonesia: The ‘Big Bang’ Program and its Economic Consequences
 publicfinance Public Finance in Developing and Transition Countries
 southafrica Restructuring Local Government Finance in Developing Countries: Lessons from South Africa
 czech republic Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in the Transition: Czech Republic
Methods and Modeling Tools in Tax Administration
 russiantranstion Russia’s Transition to a New Federalism
 fpchina Fiscal Policy in China
Fiscal Transition in Kazakhstan
Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations in Kazakstan
 guatemalatax The Guatemalan Tax Reform
 WP_20160627_13_55_53_Pro Taxation and Economic Development: A Blueprint for Tax Reform in Ohio
Urban Public Finance in Developing Countries
Economic Growth and Fiscal Planning: New York in the 1990s
 WP_20160627_12_49_52_Pro The Jamaican Tax Reform
Public Finances During the Korean Modernization Process
Financing State and Local Government in the 1980s
Local Government Finance in the Third World: A Case Study of the Philippines
Urban Government Finance:  Emerging Trends
The Taxation of Urban Property in Less Developed Countries
The Fiscal Outlook for Cities: Implications of a National Urban Policy
State and Local Government: The Political Economy of Reform
Fiscal Centralization and Tax Burdens: State and Regional Financing of City Services
A Program for Income Tax Reform