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Gohar S. Sedrakyan

Senior Research Associate

PhD in Economics, Yerevan State University, 2007
Thesis “Improvement of tax revenue monitoring methods (the case of Armenia)”

MBA (concentration in Finance) Georgia State University, J. Mack Robinson College of Business, 2012

Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Yerevan State University, 1999


Dr. Sedrakyan’s research interests include a broad range of areas in development economics, international economics and public policy. She strongly believes that research should be based on practical experience.

The main focus of her research has been identifying the role of government in promoting economic growth. She has done research focused on both developing and developed economies. Her most recent study determines the causal effect of public expenditures on national growth. It uses econometric technics to derive results in both short and long-term time horizons.

Dr. Sedrakyan, while completing her PhD program, was also employed by the State Tax Service of Armenia. Her career progressed to a Senior Economist level where she was using her research and analytical skills to write tax legislation. Her PhD research was focused on estimating the effect of unbalanced tax legislation on tax avoidance and reduced tax revenues. It was discussed in several research universities in Armenia.

Dr. Sedrakyan has presented her research papers at international economic conferences (most recently in Spain and Bolivia) and at the International Monetary Fund, Washington, DC.

She received her Ph.D. degree in Economics from Yerevan State University (Armenia). She also holds an MBA from Georgia State University (USA) and an MS in Economics from Yerevan State University (Armenia). She is fluent in English, Russian and Armenian.