Learn about the 2016 Fellows part of GSU and the Young African Leaders Initiative – Mandela Washington Fellowship
and why they have chosen to do the work they do now.



Airton de Jesus Jacinto Kenha
Lubango, Angola

Airton de Jesus Jacinto Kenha is a 26-year-old Angolan, working in the Archdiocesan Commission of Justice and Peace in Lubango. He has three years’ experience developing programs towards transparency in public finance and in participative citizenship among community members. Currently, Airton is also a journalist on Angolan National Radio, broadcasting since 2010. From time to time he teaches English and Mathematics, and is finishing Economics at college. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Airton plans to continue his work in the community. He also plans to spread the word about the Young African Leaders Initiative and to do his best to help his fellow countryman understand their role in analysing the actions of government.


Alemseged Woretaw Agmassie
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Alemseged Woretaw has almost 12 years’ experience as an educator for the health professions, contributing greatly towards competent health workforce development. Currently, he is a technical advisor for the National Board of Examinations at the Ministry of Health, which aims to protect the public from incompetent entry-level health professionals. He also works closely with universities to improve student assessment and learning by synchronizing licensure exam preparation with faculty development efforts. Alemseged is a medical doctor with a master’s degree in Medical Biochemistry, and is passionate about educating and training future health professionals. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Alemseged plans to continue his work with the exam board, impacting the teaching-learning process, especially student assessment. He will also help to fill the gap in academic leadership skills in medical schools, and plans to design high-impact academic leadership training, promoting mentorship and partnership among academic leaders.


Amadou Boukar Ali
Niamey, Niger

Amadou Boukar graduated with a master’s degree in Business Law. Since then, he has had six years’ experience working in the field of human resources management. Currently, Amadou works at the prime minister’s office as an expert-assistant in the business environment. His main focus is on the analysis and formulation of public policies in business, and the development of the private sector. He also prepares a dashboard for monitoring the implementation and strategic-management policies for private-sector development and the improvement of the business climate. In the associative field, he is co-founder and vice president of ‘Le COLLECTIF ZZ’, which aims to develop social business in Niger. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Amadou’s goal is to develop a more attractive business climate in his country by promoting the private sector.


Baboucarr Mbye Adama Saine
Bansang, The Gambia

Baboucarr Saine has six years’ experience in clinical nursing and an additional six in hospital administration. Currently, Baboucarr works as an administrator at Bansang Hospital where he is responsible for monitoring and supervising services and delivery systems and human resources. He is also involved in project management, resource mobilization, fundraising activities, staff mediation, budget planning, and organizing events such as the annual staff awards ceremony. He also serves as a part-time lecturer at the School for Enrolled Nurses and Midwives (SEN&M, Bansang) teaching nursing and midwifery students leadership and management. Baboucarr holds a master’s degree in Health Care Administration from Curtin University of Technology (Australia) where he majored in Health Policy and Management. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Baboucarr plans to initiate a project that will contribute to the reduction of the high maternal mortality rate in the Central River Region of the Gambia.


Benjamin Pkemei Ng’imor
Nairobi, Kenya

Benjamin Ng’imor has seven years’ experience in public service and public finance management in particular. Currently, Benjamin works as a fiscal analyst at the Parliamentary Budget Office, where he takes a lead role in providing professional and objective budget, financial and economic-related information to parliament. He also carries out assessments of government policies that relate to the allocation and utilization of public resources. Benjamin also offers mentorship to local secondary schools and tertiary institutions on financial literacy and career development. Benjamin holds a master’s degree in Economics from the Kenyatta University where he focused on Finance and International Trade. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Benjamin plans to continue his work in public finance with a focus on improving policy formulation and implementation in Kenya, and increasing the rate of transparency and literacy on economic matters.


Chaikhwa Lobatse
Serowe, Botswana

Chaikhwa Lobatse is an above knee amputee, working as a general nurse in the Ministry of Health, Botswana for two and a half years. Due to her passion and experience as a cancer survivor, she is currently working in an oncology clinic, supporting cancer patients, and motivating and inspiring them as a living example. Chaikhwa is also coordinating a cancer support group in Serowe, which raises cancer awareness on the common cancers in Botswana. In this role, she provides support to cancer patients and their caregivers. She volunteers to inspire and motivate the youth and the disabled to live positively and fight to win. She wants to promote self-acceptance, and development among the disabled. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, she plans to continue her motivational talks, raising cancer awareness and advocating for the disabled.


Ciza Bonne
Makamba, Burundi

Ciza Bonne has over 10 years’ experience in the health care field with relevant experience in HIV/Aids, the sexual reproductive health and rights of youths, including maternal and children’s health, and community health in particular. Ciza currently works as the manager of the Kabonga Health Center for the Ministry of Public Health in Southern Burundi. He performs administration and management duties, clinical and nursing health care, prepares annual and semester action plans, and implements, monitors and evaluates the health facility’s performance. Ciza communicates in French, English, Swahili and Kirundi. He routinely uses social media platforms and, plans to share, empower and impact disadvantaged and rural communities through community health initiatives, improved services, mentorship, and coaching. He has a diploma in Clinical Medicine and Nursing with certificates in Community Health and Palliative Care. He is currently doing a Bachelor of Science in Public Health at the Distant Production House University (DPHU).


Damondgou Amed Martin Lompo
Burkina Faso

Damondgou Amed Martin Lompo has over seven years of experience in fields such as human rights promotion and protection, gender, decentralization and governance, community development processes, and project management. Martin now works as junior gender consultant in the bureau of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, where he focuses on activities aimed at improving women’s political participation in Africa. Since 2008 he has also been the deputy secretary general in the national bureau of the Association of Peoples Living with Albinism in Burkina Faso. Martin holds a master’s degree in International Law from the University of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, and several certificates in International Law and Human Rights from University of Geneva, Switzerland, and Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris, France. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Martin plans to continue his work in gender equality issues but also on the promotion and protection of people with disabilities’ rights.


Daniel Tuli
Arua, Uganda

Daniel Tuli has over four years of experience in various fields in the public management sector, and community services in particular. Currently, Daniel is a tax administrator at the Uganda Revenue Authority. He is a part of the tax audit unit which examines taxpayer financial affairs in order to assess compliance to tax laws, and also provide innovative ideas towards revenue mobilization. He also volunteers in his local community’s Rotary Club, serving as the club’s sergeant-at-arms and as a project board member involved in community needs assessment and the implementation of projects. Daniel holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Makerere University. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Daniel plans to continue his work at the Uganda Revenue Authority advocating for integrity and better management of public offices. As an empowered YALI Fellow and Rotarian, he will encourage the youth towards self-sustainability.


Dimby Tsilavina Ranoelimanana
Antananarivo, Madagascar

Dimby Ranoelimanana has been an auditor for six years in the Direction de la Brigade d’Investigation Financiere et de l’Audit. He does financial auditing, implementing effectiveness and improving financial performance in the Malagasy public sector. He is also a judicial police officer in the fight against public fund embezzlement. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Dimby plans to finalize his research on good governance in the public sector through public management. He expects to obtain deep knowledge from the Fellowship experience.


Emmanuel Yufenyuy Fai Yengo
Yaoundé, Cameroon

Emmanuel Fai Yengo is a treasury inspector with over five years’ experience in public financial management, development economics, as well as fiscal and monetary policy. Chief accountant at Cameroon’s Department of Treasury, he manages the state’s sensitive accounting operations: single accounts, oil revenue, debt, and defense expenditure. Emmanuel is fully proficient in English and French, and holds a master’s degree in Banking and Finance and a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management, both obtained from the Catholic University of Central Africa, Yaoundé. He volunteers with the Advanced Program for Specialization in Public Finance with a record of over 1,750 civil servants trained on public financial reforms. Upon completion of the Fellowship and in order to contribute to his country becoming an emerging and democratic country united in its diversity by 2035, he intends to advocate for best practices in public governance and transparent accountability of the state’s financial operations.


Fatoumata Bangaly Barry
Conakry, Guinea

Fatoumata Bangaly Barry started volunteering for girls’ empowerment and gender parity since her early years at high school. Since then, she has overcome several barriers to become one of the leading members of the Association for the Empowerment of Girls in Guinea. She is currently working as financial and administrative officer at the Program for State Reforms and Modernization of the Administration. In her community, she is seen as a role model for young girls aspiring towards professional and social achievements. Despite marrying as a teenager (on the basis of her parents’ traditional beliefs) and having three children during the course of her studies, she succeeded in graduating in Economy and Management Studies. Called ‘Nanny’ by the children and young ladies of her community for being protective and approachable, her focus remains gender parity and woman empowerment.


Jennifer Ebironkeh Thomas
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Jennifer Thomas has over seven years’ experience in program and project management, research, economic policy and data analysis, environment, and, social governance. Jennifer is a district analyst for the government of Sierra Leone’s Post-Ebola Recovery Program. She provides technical and operational support, managing databases and coordinating with ministries and agencies within the district in implementing and monitoring programs of the president’s top key seven priority sectors (health, education, private sector, social protection, energy, water, and governance) for early economic recovery. She also volunteers to mentor young people on the values and importance of education, which she believes has a positive effect. Jennifer holds a master’s degree in International Finance and Economic Development from the University of Kent, UK. Upon completion of the Fellowship, Jennifer aims to continue working within the public sector, helping the government in providing high-quality technical assistance to efficiently deliver development programs.


Matilda Nkechiye Kerry

Matilda Kerry has over eight years’ experience in community health outreach, focusing mainly on women’s health through a fast-growing cervical cancer campaign. She is the founder of George Kerry Life Foundation, an NGO working towards equitable health care for all African women. She is a member of the West African College of Physicians and works at the community health department of the Lagos University Teaching hospital. She joined a team of public health specialists to provide much-needed vaccination and treatment services to community women and children. Matilda holds a master’s degree in Public Health from the University of Lagos, and is a member of the Sexuality Leadership Development Fellowship. She hopes to apply her experiences at the Mandela Washington Fellowship to her ongoing cervical cancer campaign and ultimately building bridges to see the fulfillment of George Kerry Life Foundation’s vision.


Molatelo Isabella Motsepe
Pretoria, South Africa

Molatelo Motsepe has over 11 years of working experience from financial institutions, state-owned entities, and the government. Currently, Molatelo is a director of infrastructure finance at the National Department of Transport, where she provides advice on infrastructure funding models and strategies to be implemented. She is also a board member and chairperson of the Audit and Risk Committee of Mmabana Arts, Culture and Sports Foundation. Molatelo holds a postgraduate degree in Accounting and has registered for her master of Commerce degree in Development Finance. She plans to use this degree to influence how projects that are developmental in nature should be financed, and to ensure the funds used are sustainable and sustain the developmental agendas of the country. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Molatelo plans to continue to serve her country by being part of a team or process that can influence developmental trends and growth.


Mouna Ahmed Omar

Mouna Ahmed Omar has over six years’ experience in the legal and public administration field. Mouna works as a legal adviser at the National Social Security Agency, the Djiboutian welfare system administration. Her main responsibilities include developing and monitoring legislative reforms. In this role, she has worked on important social reforms nationwide such as the establishment of social coverage and retirement plans for dockworkers, as well as the ambitious project of introducing Universal Health Insurance in the Republic of Djibouti. Mouna holds a master’s degree in Law from the prestigious Assas Law Faculty in Paris. In her free time, Mouna volunteers in tutoring children with learning difficulties. Mouna aspires to contribute to social development in Djibouti and to be a key player in public management in her country. She will seize the opportunity offered by this program to enhance her skills, and exchange and gain valuable international exposure.


Namakau Grace Simasiku
Lusaka, Zambia

Namakau Simasiku has six years’ experience in the banking sector, specifically business development. Namakau is an analyst at the Bank of Zambia, where she undertakes monetary policy implementation and is the lead person in developing the central bank’s first Market Integrity Policy to enhance financial markets in Zambia. She served until recently as executive committee member for the Zambia Financial Markets Association. Namakau is a volunteer for Ladies Circle, an organisation that serves the underprivileged. She also volunteers in her community’s resource center, and mentors youths aspiring to be entrepreneurs in financial literacy. She strongly believes that enterprise development is an engine for economic growth. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Namakau plans to augment her mentoring and continue providing macroeconomic policy advice. Her future aspirations are to run for public office as a member of parliament, and to establish a financial literacy center to empower youth and women.


Ndèye Marième Diop
Dakar, Senegal

Marième Diop currently serves as a desk manager at the President of Senegal’s Delivery Unit, where she is tasked with coordinating and monitoring six of the country’s 27 flagship projects. Prior to this, Marième worked as a consultant for BearingPoint Consulting before joining the Telecommunications giant, Orange, as a business consulting manager in France. This background in IT consulting and telecommunications allowed her to occupy different roles of responsibility, from consultant to manager with a team leadership role. Marième graduated from one of France’s top engineering schools, Telecom ParisTech, with an intensive master’s degree in Data analysis and Computing. She tutored middle and high schoolers in math, English and physics throughout graduate school. Outside of work, Marieme is involved in several think tanks. Upon completion of the Fellowship, she plans to grow her career in public service with a focus on enabling the digital economy growth in Senegal.  


Obiefule Ndukwe Iroabueke
Lagos, Nigeria

Obiefule Iroabueke is a business development, investment and finance professional with over 10 years’ public and private sector experience, locally and internationally. He is currently an assistant general manager (business development and investment) at the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency where he reviews business processes in order to enhance revenue generation and operational efficiency. Previously, he was the special assistant on financial strategy to the minister of Aviation Nigeria and also worked with HSBC Bank UK. Obiefule holds a Master of Science degree in International Financial Management and a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. His long-term goal upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, is to strengthen the political capacity and representation of the Nigerian youth in the nation’s leadership and political scene.


Roline Tjipueja
Windhoek, Namibia

Roline Tjipueja has over seven years’ experience in financial management, research, and training. Currently, Roline is an examiner at the Bank of Namibia, where her focus is on regulating the financial sector, implementing policies, and contributing to ensuring a sound financial system within the country. Roline holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics and Computer Science as well as a postgraduate diploma in Business Administration. She is also involved in a program aimed at equipping young entrepreneurs with information and skills to sustain and enhance their businesses. Upon completion of the Fellowship, she plans on using the knowledge and skills acquired in her work towards an ultimate goal of contributing to national programs and policies aimed at promoting financial-sector development and economic empowerment.


Romain Vangah-Deniel
Libreville, Gabon

Romain Vangah-Deniel has over five years of experience in the financial industry of the public sector. Romain is currently working as advisor to the Minister of Commerce and Small and Medium Enterprises, where he focuses on improving the business climate, establishing a database of economic operators, and proposes adequate political support to local entrepreneurs. He has been named Global Shaper for the World Economic Forum and also volunteers for Africa 2.0 and Junior Achievement Gabon. Romain holds a master’s degree in Finance from the University of Monaco. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Romain plans to continue his work in promoting entrepreneurship and mentoring young entrepreneurs and women for their economic empowerment.


Said Haji Mrisho
Zanzibar, Tanzania

Said Mrisho has over eight years’ experience in various institutions that work within the community development sector, especially in finance and publishing. Said is currently the head of the Macroeconomic Unit in the Zanzibar Planning Commission. He is responsible for coordinating and analyzing economic issues in order to suggest better policy to the government and improve services. He also works as a consultant in microfinance with the fishing community in the village of Mkokotoni in the North ‘A’ district of Zanzibar Island. Said holds a master’s degree in Development Policy from the Mzumbe University in Tanzania, where he focused on the role of fishing technologies and access to funds in improving livelihoods in fishing. After completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Said plans to continue working for the public sector and using his knowledge to expand his coverage to include the North ‘B’ district.


Sibongile Abigail Dhlamini
Pretoria, South Africa

Sibongile Dhlamini has over 14 years of experience, 13 of them working on various management portfolios within the South African Revenue Service. Currently, Sibongile is a senior manager responsible for Customs operations, focusing on border control management, legitimate trade facilitation and collection of all revenue due to the State. She also mentors schoolgoing girls on the importance of challenging gender-biased stereotypes and its influence on career choices. Sibongile has just finished her master’s in Business Administration through the University of Reading, Henley Business School, London. It focused on the factors enabling and hindering women in succeeding in top-management positions, and also assessed the role of South African legislation in the advancement of women. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Sibongile plans to continue her work in gender equality with a focus on advocacy for women’s rights to equal opportunities.


Titilope Oluwapelumi Babafunso
Lagos, Nigeria

Titilope Babafunso is a lawyer with six years of post-call experience, specializing in securities market regulation. As an enforcement and compliance officer at the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission, she leads a team of law enforcement officers in the prosecution of erring market operators, clamping down on illegal operators, and recovery of investors’ funds. Passionate about promoting reading in public schools in the Oyo state, she raises funds and coordinates the building, renovation, and equipping of libraries in public schools. She recently completed her master’s degree in International Financial Law at the University of Manchester, having being sponsored by the UK Foreign Commonwealth Office under the Chevening Scholarship scheme. Upon the completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, she plans to continue her work in the development of capital market rules as well as in improving the quality and standard of state-funded schools in Oyo through public and private partnership.

Vallai Mahamoud Dorley
Monrovia, Liberia

Vallai M Dorley has over four years of professional experience in the diverse areas of economics, banking, public policy, leadership, and community development. At present, Vallai works as an economist for Foreign Trade, Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, where he reviews the development in the external sector. He is an alumnus and president emeritus of the first cohort, YALI-RLC, Accra. Vallai holds a master’s degree in Public Policy from Peking University in China, where he focused on Economic Governance and Foreign Aid. Upon completion of the 2016 Mandela Washington Fellowship, making him to be the first Liberian benefiting from the three components of YALI (Mandela Washington Fellowship, YALI Network and the Regional Leadership Center), Vallai plans to establish a National Public Forum called ‘KNOW YOUR ECONOMY’, in which the citizens will have good knowledge about happenings in the economy and the impact of the national budget on the citizenry.