Learn about the 2015 Fellows part of GSU and the Young African Leaders Initiative – Mandela Washington Fellowship
and why they have chosen to do the work they do now.



Ounsougan Comlan Ameyou
Lomé, Togo

Ounsougan Joel Ameyou is a lawyer with seven years’ working experience in legal and tax advice. He currently serves as the chief compliance auditor in the new Togo Revenue Authority where he is responsible for organizing and managing the team of quality auditors, enforcing the full respect of standards. Previously, he served as legal advisor and compliance manager for Cabinet Sylvia Aquereburu, a legal firm which he led to the first ISO certification in its business sector in Togo. Ounsougan holds Master’s degrees in Business Law and in Political Sciences from the University of Lomé and Kara, with a specialization in Energy and Mining Business Law at the Institut des Matières Premières, Cameroon. After the Fellowship, he intends to help strengthen the corporate integrity in his organization by sharing his acquired skills and knowledge. He is also keen to engage in the promotion of accountability at the national level.


Mamoudou Nagnalen Barry
Conakry, Guinea

Mamoudou Nagnalen Barry is a financial and economic analyst at the Central Bank of Guinea. He has recently joined the UNDP as the National Expert for supporting the Private Investment Promotion Agency and has five years’ experience in economics, finance, and teaching. He has the ability to adapt classic theories to developing countries with a particular focus on business climate and financial sector development, natural resources taxation, and monetary issues. His classmates in the US used to call him the Next Mandela of Africa and he dreams of building strong institutions for promoting peace and unity in his country. Mamoudou has a Master’s degree in Economic Policy from Williams College (USA), a Master’s degree in Strategic Finance, and two Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and International Law from Guinean universities. After the Fellowship, Mamoudou plans to work for improving the business climate and the financial sector in Guinea.


Felix Abroquah Besseah
Accra, Ghana

Felix Abroquah Besseah has a nine years’ experience in several fields including budget analysis, monitoring and evaluation, and public debt management. As an economist at the Ministry of Finance, Felix currently assists in analyzing the public debt portfolio, its sustainability on the macro-economy, and providing technical assistance in debt service payments and related issues. Felix set up the Peer Educators’ Club in his local community. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Ghana and a Master’s of Science degree from the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan, where he served in the capacity of both teaching and as a research assistant. Felix intends to implement his proposal on the Research and Development Seminar for his ministry, and to institute an independent research library in Ghana after completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship.


Ahmed Sabdow Billow
Nairobi, Kenya

Ahmed Sabdow has over four years’ experience in the banking and financial services sector. He is a banker and an economist who likes using the concepts of micro-credit, micro-finance, and public-private partnerships to create social sustainability for the poor people of Kenya. He currently works at the Kenya Commercial Bank which has a large governance and public sector management lending portfolio, and implements technical assistance and capacity-building projects in the public sector. Ahmed holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Sociology from Egerton University, Kenya and volunteers at the Centre for Diversity and Development which focuses on youth empowerment and disability awareness. Upon completion of the Fellowship, Ahmed has interests in economic policy management and analysis, as well as to apply his knowledge of economics, experience in the financial sector, and skills from the fellowship to contribute to the pillar of economic sustainability envisioned in Vision 2030.


Rufas Ambrose Emmanuel Bojo
Kajo Keji, South Sudan

Rufas Bojo has over four years’ experience in medical care and hospital management. He is currently the medical director of Kajo Keji county hospital in South Sudan, where he is focusing on capacity-building for mid-level medical carders, specially midwifes. He also design projects for improvement of maternal and child health in his state and is an active member of his community where he chairs the men’s fellowship in his local congregation through which he helps the young men of the community and their families socially and spiritually. Rufas holds a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery from Baher El-Ghazal University in Khartoum. Upon completion of Mandela Washington Fellowship, he plans to continue serving his community, will start a weekly medical camp in a local orphanage, and will also complain and campaign against girls’ early drop out from school due to pregnancy.


Amina Coulibaly
Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

Amina Coulibaly is a local economist and has worked for the International Monetary Fund representative office in Cote d’Ivoire since July 2012. She assists the resident representative in his duties by monitoring the IMF financial and economic program, managing databases, making economic analyses, and handling other responsibilities as assigned. Amina is following both negotiating and technical assistance missions and has developed expertise in fiscal and macroeconomic framework issues as well as in monetary policy and development economics. She volunteers at a youth organization which fights for youth employment through income-generating activities and is a PhD candidate for an African Economic Research Consortium CPP program (a high quality doctoral degree program in Africa). She also holds two MS degrees in Economics. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Amina plans to continue her work in public financial management and to implement a project that will promote girls’ education in her community.


Sidi Mohamed Dhaker
Nouakchott, Mauritania

Sidi Mohamed Dhaker has over eight years’ experience in management consulting, research and teaching, and international development. He is currently an organizational development executive at the Central Bank of Mauritania and works as an associate professor of strategy and management at the University of Nouakchott. Before joining the central bank, he worked for three years as the design, monitoring, and evaluation manager for World Vision International in Mauritania, where he focused on impact measurement and development sustainability. He holds various Master’s and certificates in management science (University of Versailles), strategic management (HEC Paris), economics and international development (University of Paris XII), and international management (Georgetown University) and completed a doctoral program in strategy and management. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he intends to continue his work towards the empowerment of the new generation of young entrepreneurs and public leaders through the creation of a youth leadership institute.


Kadijah Diallo
Conakry, Guinea

Kadijah Diallo has seven years’ experience in the field of Communication and Information Management. She currently works at UNICEF and helps to make visible the issues and results gained in favor of children and women and to disseminate them widely through various channels. In the course of her career, Kadijah has efficiently managed teams and successfully implemented values of social inclusion, leading by example, and the upholding of a rigorous standard of integrity. Kadijah participated in the presidential election process of her country in 2010 as a communication agent, which was a great experience for her. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in communication from Bond University. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, she plans to continue her work in promoting the rights of children, focusing special effort on reaching the most vulnerable and excluded children.


Abdou Diaw
Conakry, Guinea 

Abdou Diaw is a project manager specializing in PPP and benefiting 10 years of professional experience. Currently aged 32, he holds an MBA and a Master in Project Management. In 2005, Abdou joined APIX, a renowned government agency, rising through their ranks before becoming the PPP manager. Abdou passionately believes that PPPs represent an alternative for African countries to face the infrastructure-gap.  Born and raised in a suburb of Dakar, Abdou has demonstrated his interest in bringing about positive change to his community over the last 15 years, by being involved in various initiatives through the EDEN-NGO, which helps children in the suburbs. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Abdou wishes to raise its involvement in bringing about social changes in his community and make himself available for the development of Senegal and the continent as a whole.


Florent Keladoue Dji
Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire

Florent Keladoue DJI has over 10 years’ experience in managing, evaluating, and conducting research on international development programs in the cocoa sector. He holds an Engineering degree in Agricultural Economics from the Institut National Polytechnique Félix Houphouët-Boigny of Yamoussoukro in Cote D’Ivoire and is currently Monitoring, Evaluation and Forecast Specialist at ADM Cocoa, where he oversees crop forecasting activities for the region and leads the development, coordination, and execution of cocoa sustainability programs. Florent has authored numerous impact studies, and developed decision-making tools, that have informed policy innovations to achieve growth in rural income and curb the incidence of child labor in cocoa-producing communities. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he plans to implement an innovative customer-funded program that aims at promoting inclusive and durable community-driven development, as a way of tackling the issue of child labor and overcoming poverty and inequality in the cocoa sector.


Billow Issack Hassan
Mandera, Kenya

Billow Hassan has over five years’ experience in the financial sector, four of which where in the public sector. He is currently the principal budget officer to Mandera County Assembly, analyses the county budget, and provides technical advice. Hassan plays a role in policy formulations on financial matters and also the monitoring of budget implementation. Hassan holds an Msc in Finance and Economics from KCA University and a BCom in Finance from the University of Nairobi. He is an East Africa Acumen Fellow (2014) and One Young World Ambassador(2013), as well as the founder of The Mandera Times, a monthly newsletter that seeks to bridge the information gap in Northern Kenya. Upon Completion of the Fellowship, Hassan plans to adopt good practices in public financial management and implement these in the two-year-old assembly. He also plans to share his experiences with fellow youths in Northern Kenya, through forums and fellowship.


Natasha Issa
Zanzibar, Tanzania

Natasha Issa has six years’ experience in communication having spent much time across different communication fields. Through her work as a public relations and communications expert, she has been engaged in community work advocating for civic education and human rights, working closely with government leaders and the corporate community to fully participate in CSR activities for the betterment of the society. Natasha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the Open university of Tanzania and is currently pursuing an LLM in ICT.


Tracy-Lee Jooste
Cape Town, South Africa

Tracy Jooste is a senior manager, researcher, and policy developer specializing in the field of human settlements. She holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and Politics and a Master’s in Public Policy, both from the University of Cape Town. She also obtained a postgraduate diploma at the Institute for Housing and Urban Studies in the Netherlands. She has over eleven years’ experience in the development sector in South Africa having worked in academia, private sector, and now government. She is currently the director of policy and research in the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements, leading a team of policy researchers. She has a specific interest in housing finance and economics and hopes to play a role in advancing housing finance policies in South Africa. Tracy has provided mentorship support and advice to students and aims to play a stronger role in youth development upon completing the Mandela Washington Fellowship.


Fred Dorbor Koilor
Monrovia, Liberia

Fred Dorbor Koilor has had over three years’ experience working within public and civil organizations in Liberia. From 2010, he served as president of the Joseph Jenkins Roberts Scholarship Students Association for two years, one of the most prominent scholarship groupings in Liberia. He is currently working for the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL), where his responsibilities include working with models to analyze petroleum fiscal regimes under varying assumptions of different scenarios, aiming to derive maximum revenue generation strategies. He holds a Master’s of Science degree with honors in Energy Studies and specialization in Oil and Gas Economics from the University of Dundee, United Kingdom as well as a Bachelor’s of Science degree with honors in Economics from the African Methodist Episcopal University, Liberia. On returning home, Fred plans to continue working with NOCAL after which he aspires to an innovative career in the energy sector of Liberia.


Nhlamulo Collins Mabasa
Johannesburg, South Africa

Nhlamulo Collins Mabasa has over five years’ experience in the higher education sector and is an office manager for the South African Students Congress, where he focuses on the overall management of the organization, research, and fundraising. He also served in a committee responsible for the review of the National Youth Policy 2015 within the ministry responsible for planning, monitoring, and evaluation. Nhlamulo holds a B Tech Degree in Electrical Engineering from CPUT and postgraduate diploma in Business Administration from the University of South Africa, and is currently studying towards a Master’s degree in Development Finance at the University of Cape Town, where his focus is on the Analysis of Developmental Funding Model for Youth Entrepreneurship by the South African DFI’s. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Nhlamulo plans to be an active advocate for responsible investment and to establish an institution to develop young entrepreneurs and raw businesses.


Jonathan Maphosa
Johannesburg, South Africa

Jonathan Maphosa is a South African lawyer currently employed as deputy general counsel of the South African Reserve Bank, where he also heads up the Monetary and Financial Law Division within the Legal Services Department. He is responsible for a team of lawyers with a special focus on financial markets, payment systems, and global financial law. He is a board member of the Corporate Lawyers Association of South Africa and is passionate about realizing economic development and financial stability in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) through harmonization of legislation in the SADC region and enhancement of financial literacy. Jonathan holds a Master’s degree in Law (Tax) and numerous post-graduate law diplomas. He is currently studying towards both doctor of Laws and Master’s of Business Administration degrees. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Jonathan plans to continue with his work on regional financial integration and financial literacy training.


Vusi Musa Matsebula
Ezulwini, Swaziland

Vusi Matsebula has eight years’ experience in local government management and is currently the chief executive officer for the Ezulwini Municipality, a fast growing tourist town in Swaziland. Vusi focuses on infrastructure development, strategic planning and implementation, local development management, revenue generation, and public participation. He is also involved in a number of voluntary community projects where he assists school-going children from disadvantaged backgrounds with school uniforms and shoes. He holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Resource Management from the University of Swaziland and is currently studying towards a Master’s of Business Leadership with the University of South Africa. Upon completion of the Fellowship, Vusi plans to assist his municipality to optimally take advantage of public-private partnerships as a vehicle for efficient and effective service delivery, and to model a more pro-public participation approach that will fully incorporate gender issues, youth, immigrants, and the disadvantaged in the municipality.


Zeina Moulaye
Bamako, Mali

Zeina Moulaye is a rising leader serving in the Malian Government. In 2015 and at aged 26 she has been named chief of staff of the Ministry of National Reconciliation which makes her the youngest public servant to serve at that level. Zeina returned to Mali to serve her country after studying at Paris-Sorbonne University. She started her career at Bank of Africa managing corporate clients accounts, then worked as a senior auditor for Brysla Audit and Finance. She is passionate about Africa’s development and believes in the building of strong institutions to accelerate Mali and Africa’s rising story.   


Vera G Mussah
Monrovia, Liberia

Vera Mussah earned a Master’s degree in International Public Health from Queensland University, and has worked for over eight years with international non-governmental and governmental institutions from a community to national level. She currently directs the County Health Services at the Ministry of Health, where she ensures the full implementation of their 10-year National Health Plan and Policy, oversees the quality of care at health facilities, and advocates for a strengthened partnership between INGOs and counties to make sure projects are implemented in a systemic manner for sustainability. She coordinated the Ebola Case Investigation Team from the onset of the outbreak, and represents her department at both technical and policy meetings. She intends to continue her work in strengthening international partner relationship with county health teams for better health outcomes.


Simon Ndirangu Mwangi
Nairobi, Kenya

Simon Ndirangu is a consultant in strategy, training, and planning with over two years’ experience. He is an associate consultant with Stan Consulting Group Ltd (SCG Africa) where he heads the strategy and planning department. He develops strategic and communication plans for public institutions and is a trainer – through approved industry regulators (NITA & PTAK) – on leadership, performance management, strategy development, and service excellence. He is also a volunteer high school mentor on career and life skills, and a coach to university students on leadership. Ndirangu holds a Bachelor’s of Economics and Finance from Kenyatta University and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Economics focusing on Policy Development and Public Management, a major gap in Kenya’s governance structure. Upon completion of the Fellowship, Ndirangu plans to work with county governments to development public finance planning, policy development, and to engage local youths in pro bono leadership programs.


Alice Niyonkuru
Bujumbura, Burundi

Alice Niyonkuru has over three years’ experience working on diverse projects focused on community development. Currently, she is the office director at Long Miles Coffee Project and is responsible for human resources, bookkeeping, general administration, and overseeing company agenda management. Outside of her professional work, she has recently conducted Burundi’s First Annual Career Fair, which helped empower and orient the youth with a goal to pursue after their studies. Her vision is to contribute to the eradication of extreme poverty in Burundi, empower the impoverished, providing hope and seeing a healed nation. Alice excels in organizational and interpersonal skills. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations with a concentration in Development Studies and a minor in Psychology from the United States International University Africa. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Alice plans to continue her work in youth empowerment through the Annual Career Fair Project.


Stella Anne Oloo
Windhoek, Uganda

Stella Anne Oloo is a medical doctor and has been involved in health advocacy since her days at the Makerere University College of Health Sciences in Uganda. She successfully advocated for free Hepatitis B vaccinations for medical students and has also been involved in training paramedical students on health advocacy. She is the founder and director of Faith Medical Centre, a budding health facility in Northern Uganda that provides basic health care to people affected by the war in the region. Currently, she is a lecturer at the University of Namibia’s School of Medicine and is involved in mentoring medical students at the institution. She holds a Master’s degree in Internal Medicine from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, in China. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, she hopes to mobilize funding to improve the health care services provided at Faith Medical Centre.


Rindra Hasimbelo Rabarinirinarison
Antananarivo, Madagascar

Rindra Hasimbelo Rabarinirinarison has been involved in good governance implementation since she has became a judge specialized in public administration ten years ago. She is currently appointed at the National Commission for Public Procurement where she focuses on controlling procurement process and coaching public managers. Convinced that sound governance can lead the country to development, she volunteers as a member of the advisory board at the independent office for the fight against corruption. She also acts as a mentor and teacher at the National School of Judiciary, the National University of Antananarivo, and the Political Studies Institute. She is known as an enthusiastic trainer of open debate rules. Upon completion of the fellowship, Rindra plans to develop a good governance center which will train managers in a new way of administrating public affairs, and make citizens aware of the importance of having a complaints system against public authority decisions.


Hemlata Ramsohok
Port Louis, Mauritius

Hemlata Ramsohok has over 13 years’ experience in the public sector. Currently, she is the lead research and knowledge management officer at the National Productivity and Competitiveness Council where she is involved in the design and implementation of policies, programs and projects geared towards productivity improvement in both the public and private sector, and civil society organizations. Hemlata holds a BA in Economics, Psychology and Sociology from the University of Bangalore and a MS in Applied Economics, with specialization in Economic Policy and Development, from the University of Mauritius. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Hemlata plans to continue her work in promoting productivity improvement in Mauritius and in the African region which is key to promoting growth and bettering the lives of people.


Angelaie Helena Carvalho de Sa
Luanda, Angola

Angela de Sa has worked with social and academic causes for six years. She is currently one of the leaders of Projecto O Testemunho, a mentoring project where influential women from Angolan society share their life stories and struggles with young women from at-risk communities, inspiring them to have dreams and plans to improve their lives and communities. Angela also works with Kalemba Radical, a social project focusing on keeping children from an at risk area away from violence through radical sports, encouraging them to keep a good GPA, and being actively involved in improving their communities. On weekends, she volunteers as a tutor with the group from The Catholic University of Angola at a local orphanage for girls. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Angela intends to continue working with at risk children and youth, focusing on academic and life skills development, entrepreneurship, and pursuit of their dreams.